Cold Wave, Inc. Heating and Cooling Service can inspect all makes and models of electric furnace equipment. When we check your system, a thorough 15-point checklist is performed to determine any possible problems.

Inside the house

  1. Thermostat calibration and tightness to the wall
  2. Filter for proper size and cleanliness
  3. Fan relay by cycling thermostat fan switch

On the equipment

  1. Duct elbow seal for leaks
  2. Condition of electrical conduit
  3. Electrical disconnect block, block contacts and fuses
  4. Bearing play on blower motor (add lubricating oil when necessary)
  5. Electrical connections for tightness

While the equipment is running

  1. Equipment noise or excessive vibration
  2. Sequencer
    proper operation
  3. High temperature limit safety control
  4. Relay coil noise
  5. Air temperature rise
  6. Amperage draw of blower motor and heating elements
  7. Voltage draw of heating elements and limits

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